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June Advances on the Incompressible
CFD Solver in LS-DYNAŽ
Facundo Del Pin, LSTC


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Implementation and Validation of Frequency Response Function in LS-DYNAŽ      FRF Manual

Yun Huang - LSTC

The European SuperLight Car project 466KB

Daniel Hilding - ERAB


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Nov.08 Henry Fong  Part 1    B   C   D
One Man's Corner Perspective
Henry Fong
07/07 Simulating the Complete Forming Sequence for a Roll Formed Automotive Bumper Beam
   Site:  Dutton Simulation
(c) Copyright to: Trevor Dutton, Matt Tomlin
02/07 The Performance of Large Car Model by MPP Version of LS-DYNA on Fujitsu PrimePower MitsuhiroMakino
01/07 Thin-Walled Beams Research and Development Moisey B. Shkolnikov
12/06 Initial Penetrations in Contact Interfaces Suri Bala
11/06 Reduction of Crew Injury caused by Acceleration from Mine Blast/IED Ala Tabiei and Gaurav Nilakantan
10/06 A Coupled Thermal and Mechanical Model of Sliding Wear S. S. Akarca, W. J. Altenhof, and A. T. Alpas
09/06 Numerical Modeling of Friction Effects on the Ballistic Impact Response of Single-Ply Tri-Axial Braided Fabric 800 KB Daihua Zheng, Wieslaw K. Binienda
08/06 Drop Testing Simulation of a Cooker Including Foam Packaging and Pre-Stressed Plastic Foil Wrapping Mathias Hoermann, Dan Neumayer
02/06 ANSYS Nonlinear Functions Applied in Automotive Brake Pedal Design and Manufacture  -   (AVI 620KB) Jessica Song, Randy Phinney
09/05 A Failure Criterion For Polymers and Soft Biological Materials   973KB William W. Feng, John O. Hallquist
09/05 Application of SynfiniWay Grid Platform for iterative LS-DYNA studies  1.50MB  
08/05 Perforation of Composite Floor 1.95MB W. Algaard/J. Lyle/C. Azatt, ARUP
08/05 Simulation of Wave-Dissipating Mechanism on Submerged Structure using Fluid-Structure Coupling Capability in LS-DYNA   491KB S. Tokura, T. Ida, The Japan Research Institute, LTD.
06/05 A Study on Yielding Function of Aluminum Honeycomb 1.99MB Shigeki Kojima
04/05 Transient Response of a Projectile in Gun Launch Simulation Using Lagrangian and ALE Methods Al Tabiei/R. Chowdhury
12/04 OOP Simulation - A Tool to Design Airbags?  Current Capabilities in Numerical Simulation 1.12MB Benno Beesten, Andreas Hirth
11/04. Simulation of Under Water Explosion using MSC.DYTRAN Peiran Ding/Arjaan Buijk
12/04 Structural Analysis in The Frequency Domain and Understanding Impact Data Al Tabiei/Martin Lambrecht